We’re based in Brisbane, but we’re good vibes on wheels! We’ll bring the party (and perfectly mixed margaritas!) to you. We’ll travel to the Sunshine Coast, to Northern NSW… We’re not ones to shy away from a party, so if we can travel to your event, we’ll get there! We just need an invitation!

Stanley’s a gentleman, and a gentleman will never talk to you about your weight. But seeing as you asked, he measures in at 5m long, 2m wide, and 2.5m high.

We need a minimum area of 6m length x 4m wide x 2.5m height to set up and operate our service. This allows for enough space for our doors and servery windows to open, and a ‘back of house’ area on the right side of the van.

If you’re interested in booking Stanley for your event, we’ll need to confirm some additional details about the venue location and site access before confirming, to ensure we’ll be able to get him into your party zone.

When loaded with ingredients, ice and glassware, Stanley is a heavy truck. While we can park on grass if necessary, there’s also chance of being bogged in the area if the ground is wet. This consideration is necessary if rain is forecast on your event date.

We have nothing against elderly drivers, but Stanley’s an older engine, who drives a little slower than we’re used to cruising on the freeway. To ensure we’re pouring zesty Margs at your event on time, we need to tow him long distances, and petrol & tow trucks ain’t cheap! 

Yes we sure do! We’re covered for up to $20 million.

We pride ourselves on making and serving freshly shaken Margaritas. We don’t pre-make, and we don’t use ‘cordial’ mixers. We use only fresh fruits and ingredients and we always come prepared to ensure the Margaritas keep flowing at your event. 
Whether we make 10 Margs or 100 Margs, the prep and pack down (and clean up) is the same. We are also arriving with a fully functioning mobile bar (and not just a trestle table and ice bucket...) Our Margaritas are the hero, and Stanley and Dolly are the main attraction.

In order to operate our service, we need a connection to power. Stanley has a 15amp plug on the right side, ready to connect to mains power on site. 

If a 15amp connection isn’t available, we have a 10amp converter to plug into a domestic power point. We also have a 25metre extension lead too.

If there is no power available nearby, or our set-up site is further than 25metres away, we can include generator hire in your booking. Prior knowledge is required and the fee associated with the generator hire will be added to your invoice.

Water: Stanley has a large water supply tank on board, however if the duration of your event is a longer one, this tank may run out of water. We’ll need access to a garden tap/hose to refill.

Dishwashing: For all private functions, we provide glassware as part of our service offering. We can make do with hot water, but if there is access to a commercial glass washer at your venue, we would love access to this if possible.

If you have any other questions, please get in touch!