My passion for Margaritas was cemented on a fun-filled holiday in Maui. Probably a combination of the heat, the salt and the freshness of the citrus, I realised something big. A perfectly mixed Margarita is the key to that instantly-relaxed holiday vibe, every time - whether you’re in Hawaii or hanging out at home.

The idea for Margarita Margarita came later, in my kitchen at home in Brisbane. After mixing up another batch of The Best Margs Ever*, a brainstorming session took place, and under the influence of a slight tequila buzz, the idea for a mobile Margarita bar was born. Time went on, life and kids kept me busy, and the idea was pushed aside until I sipped yet another average restaurant Marg… my mind was made up. Mobile Margarita bar, here we come.

I started scouring the internet for decommissioned Mr. Whippy vans, hoping to find the perfect vessel to bring the sweet ’n’ sour dream to life. Before long, I found Stanley: a 1972 vintage Commer Highwayman Van with a giant lemon decal on his side. Clearly a sign. Our very own English gentlemen arrived from the UK in 2020 after quite the journey.

We were making and perfecting Margaritas for years and developed a recipe that is quite simply, the best.* You know you’ve found the secret sauce when friends turn up on your doorstep with crates of lemons and a big ol’ wink.

 Originally blended by hand, Margarita Margarita only use impeccable ingredients. The freshest of fruits and lots of salt — for a stellar Margarita you can’t skimp on the salt. So expect our glasses to be a perfectly balanced sweet, sour and salty elixir.

But enough reading about it, experience our signature Margaritas at your next event or at home today. We’ve been good vibes, on wheels, and now we are thrilled to be bring good vibes to your fridge.

Margarita Margarita is now available online and at a range of stockists nationally.

See you soon!

Jess x 

*Says us, but actually true.