The Classic Margarita Margarita Method

Life is too short to drink bad Margaritas. That is why The Classic Margarita Mix by Margarita Margarita is your premium bar staple, serving up the best* Margs of your life. *Says us, but actually true!

Follow these five simple steps to create our Classic Margarita recipe at home, featuring a mouth-watering lemon foundation for a bright, zesty finish that zings, not stings.

ONE ~ Forget all other recipes. This is what you call a real Margarita.

TWO ~ Run a wedge of lemon around the rim of your glass, and coat the glass with sea salt flakes. Fill your glass with ice.

THREE ~ In your shaker, add 30ml of your desired tequila, 15ml of Triple sec, and 95ml of Margarita Margarita The Classic Margarita Mix and a scoop of ice.

FOUR ~ Give it a light shake, and strain into your glass. Garnish.

FIVE ~ Drink responsibly, and enjoy the best* Classic Marg of your life.
*Says us, but actually true.

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